FAQ for the newsgroup rec.sport.golf

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Last Modified: 28 June 2002

Copyright 1999-2002

By: Daniel J. Driscoll

This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for the

newsgroup rec.sport.golf (RSG). This document is intended to

assist newcomers (newbies) or occasional visitors by providing

answers to commonly asked questions about golf, Usenet and the

newsgroup. This document also serves as the Standard Operating

Procedures (SOP) for RSG and is based on the original RSG

Charter . It has been expanded and modified over time as

technology, the game and the participants of RSG have changed .

The FAQ should be posted once a month to rec.sport.golf. The FAQ

is maintained at http://ttsoft.com/thor/rsggolf.html

, courtesy of David (Thor) Collard. Please see the end of this

document for copyright information.

David and I would like to

extend our thanks to Marcello Gallardo and Princeton University

for maintaining and archiving the RSG FAQ for many years.

Please contact me if you find any factual errors or other

problems with this document or if you have any suggestions. You

may e-mail your suggestions or corrections to Dan Driscoll . Please be

aware that I appreciate your comments and suggestions, but that

I cannot reply to all correspondence. You will normally only

receive a reply if I need additional information regarding your

comment or suggestion.

This FAQ is Copyright 1999-2002 by Daniel J. Driscoll, all

rights reserved. Product and company names used in this document

may be trademarked or copyrighted by the respective owners. This

document may be replicated in whole or in part, without

alteration. All replications must include this copyright notice.

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