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I. Resource Information

1. List of Contributors to the GOLF

FAQ List

We would like to thank some of

the many people who have made significant contributions to the RSG FAQ

over the years. In no particular order they are:

Dave Tutelman
Mark Koenig
Paul Bardak
Brian Zimmerman
Paul Jones
Lothar Bittner
Steve Blessing
James F. Tims
Chester Barber
Jonathan Reeve
York Davis
Jack Davis
Paul Stroud
Hal Hansen
John Campbell
Randy Schrickel
Peter Rigsbee
Mark Dowdy
Jeff Lovelace
Dana Dawson
Dave Stokes
Alan Greenspan
Martin Olivera
Chris Tanski Jr.
Iggy Konrad
Ray Owen
E. Reed Wilbur
Bertil Engelholm
Jeffrey Seymour
Bob Ray
Michael Wang
Bruce Fisher
Jack Miller
Jerry Sy
Phil Yastrow
Jim Hoskins
Colin Dick
Colin Wilson
Eddie Haynes-Smart
Crispin Roche
Randy Brown
David Collard
Jeff Chung
David P. Hayes

2. Usenet and Newsgroups

Contrary to popular belief, Usenet

and newsgroups are not a part of the internet or the world wide web (WWW).

Usenet does use and reside on many of the same computer servers as the

internet and Usenet traffic travels on many of the same pathways. However,

parts of Usenet are completely separate from the internet, just as parts

of the internet are completely separate from Usenet, such as the WWW. For

more information on Usenet please go to

. I highly recommend this site to all newcomers to Usenet and experienced

users who are looking for more information or a better understanding of


All newsgroups reside on Usenet and are

organized in a hierarchy that is determined by general, primary and specific

topics. There are newsgroups dedicated to virtually any subject imaginable.

The newsgroup is specifically dedicated to the discussion

of the sport of golf. For those people interested in the rules of golf,

handicapping procedures, golf equipment, swing techniques, golf stories

or if you just want some information on golf courses across the globe,

this is the place you want to be. Individuals desiring to discuss subjects

other than golf are requested to post their messages to the appropriate


3. Newsgroup Etiquette

Commercial, Off-topic and Advertising

Messages: The readers of have decided that they do

not want to see commercial or off topic posts in RSG. A commercial

posting is one in which you attempt to sell or advertise a product, even

if it is golf related product such as clubs or  training videos. Off

topic postings are those in which the primary topic is not golf related.

These include, but are not limited to, political commentary, MMF (Make

Money Fast) schemes, free internet/e-mail services, etc. Including the

name of a golfer or a golf course does not make the posting golf related

unless that is the primary topic. According to the Charter for RSG, this

newsgroup is for the discussion of golf and golf related

topics. Advertisements are not posted for discussion purposes, but rather

to sell a product or service and therefore are not allowed under the Charter.

It is considered abuse to post off

topic, commercial or advertising messages to a newsgroup whose FAQ or charter

prohibit such posts. While there is no formal procedure for sanctioning

individuals who ignore newsgroup etiquette, active newsgroup participants

can and do file complaints with the abuser's Internet Service Provider

(ISP). The Terms Of Service (TOS) agreements and Acceptable Use Policies

(AUP) of virtually all ISP's prohibit posting off-topic, commercial or

advertising messages to non-commercial newsgroups. A sufficient number

of complaints to the offender's ISP can cause the offender to lose his/her

internet access and posting privileges.  In extreme cases, if the

offender's ISP refuses to take action, that ISP may have its internet backbone

access shut down. This is known as the Usenet Death Penalty.

Those individuals who have golf clubs,

equipment, supplies, training aids, accommodations, travel packages or

other golf related commercial offerings are encouraged to post their products

and services to the newsgroup . AGF is specifically

dedicated to the commercial aspects of golf and unlike the readers of RSG,

subscribers to ASG are interested is seeing commercial postings. If your

ISP does not carry AGF, please ask them to add it. You may also access

AGF through

RSG is a “Text Only” newsgroup:

This means that all posted messages should be in text format only; do not

post binary, sound, graphics or HTML to RSG. RSG is an international forum

and in many parts of the world internet/usenet connection time is charged

on a per minute basis. This means that many of the participants in RSG

have to pay for each minute spent downloading messages. Binary files, such

as graphics, sound or HTML, are significantly larger than plain text files

and take much longer to download, meaning longer, more expensive connection

charges for many people. Additionally, many newsreaders do not support

HTML, so posts containing HTML  are unreadable to many members of

RSG and can even cause some newsreaders to crash.

Special note to WebTV subscribers:

WebTV's newsreader settings default to a condition that automatically posts

messages in HTML format and with any graphics or other binary attachments

that the user has selected as defaults. It is the responsibility of the

poster to ensure that their newsreader is properly configured to ensure

that only text messages are posted to RSG. Newcomers who violate this policy

will generally receive a warning and a mild rebuke. Repeat offenses will

result in numerous complaints being filed with WebTV.

Posting binary, graphics, HTML or sound

files to text only newsgroups is considered abuse and complaints will be

filed with the abuser's ISP.

Language: RSG is a worldwide newsgroup,

with active participants from many different countries. However, the vast,

vast majority of messages are posted in English. There are no prohibitions

against posting in other languages, but responses will certainly be limited.

Contributors who wish to post using a character set other than Western/Latin

should also be aware that many English language newsreaders do not automatically

support text in any other character set. Messages posted in Russian/Cyrillic,

Mandarin, Japanese or other character sets will therefore not be legible

to most readers.

Posting a reply: When responding

to a previous post please do not quote 50 lines of old text just to append

your “Me too” or “I agree” comment to the end. Delete old or unrelated

text when replying. When deleting text written by the person to whom you

are responding, make sure you indicate this with “<snip>” where the

text has been deleted. Always indicate who you are responding to. If you

are unsure of the proper netiquette, please ask.

Signature Files: Most newsreaders

allow the user to append a signature file to the end of all their messages.

Please follow the same posting suggestions for signature files as for the

reply or message and please keep them short and to the point. Signatures

longer than 5 lines are considered boorish, as is the inclusion of anything

other than text, text art and a hyperlink (URL). Do not include binaries,

graphics, HTML or sound in your signature file.

More Information: There are numerous

sites that have articles describing appropriate newsgroup etiquette or

netiquette. Here are links to a few that are pretty simple and straightforward.

4. RSG Archives

There is no longer a separate

archive maintained for RSG. Please use's


search function   to search for old articles.

5. RSG Roll Call

A list of the true names and some

information about many of participants in RSG is maintained by David P.

Hayes (DPH) . Participation in this list is purely voluntary and at each

individual's discretion. However, if you choose to have your name added

to the RSG Roll Call you are required to provide your true name and a valid

e-mail address. You may go to

to sign-up.

This FAQ is Copyright 1999-2002 by Daniel J. Driscoll, all

rights reserved. Product and company names used in this document

may be trademarked or copyrighted by the respective owners. This

document may be replicated in whole or in part, without

alteration. All replications must include this copyright notice.

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