Appendix I

Appendix I

It would be impossible for me

to include contact information for all of the national and regional associations.

I have attempted to include those associations which represent most of

the participants of RSG. If you do not see your national/regional association

listed here please ask your club, course or practice facility for contact


1. Associations


Joining the USGA, a non-profit organization,

costs $25 per year (may be tax deductible, lifetime memberships are available).

You will receive a current rule book, nine issues of Golf Journal, with

special issues for the US and Senior Open, as well as their catalog of

golf goodies and a bag tag. The money helps support the USGA, which sponsors

various amateur tournaments, administers the Rules of Golf, conducts equipment

tests, turf research and much more. The USGA”s website is

. I urge all United States based participants in RSG to consider becoming

a member of the USGA. Please note that membership in a club or a regional

association does not include membership in the USGA.

R & A

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St.

Andrews has been the governing authority concerning the Rules of Golf since

1897 in every country of the world except Canada and the United States. 

Prior to 1951 the USGA and the R&A had some minor differences in their

respective versions of the Rules of Golf. In 1951 those differences were

eliminated and the USGA and R&A agreed to issue a common set of rules.

Because of this agreement, the Rules of Golf are the same everywhere in

the world. The R&A also conducts the Open Championship, AKA the British

Open. The R&A website is at


Australian Golf Union

The AGU was established in 1898 and oversees

the course rating system, player handicapping, selection of Australian

golfers for international amateur competitions, including the Eisenhower

Trophy. The AGU also conducts the various Australian National Championships

tournaments such as the Australian Open, the Australian Amateur and the

Australian Senior Amateur. The AGU website is at


PGA of America

The Professional Golfers Association of

America (PGA) trains and certifies professional golf instructors. The PGA

also conducts the PGA Championship tournament, one of the 4 major tournaments

of men's professional golf and the Ryder Cup, the premier international

professional men's team event. The PGA”s website is


PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is an association of touring

professional golf players. These are the guys you see on television every

week. The PGA Tour also runs the Senior PGA Tour and the Buy.Com Tour.

The PGA Tour is not a division of the PGA of America, it is a separate

and independent entity. The PGA Tour runs or sanctions all PGA Tour events.

If you want to become a touring pro, this is the organization you need

to join. The PGA Tour's website is



The Ladies Professional Golf Association

is the governing body for the vast majority of female professional golfers,

whether they work in a pro shop or play on the LPGA Tour. Like the PGA

of America, the LPGA trains and certifies LPGA teaching professionals and,

like the PGA Tour, the LPGA also runs the LPGA Tour.  The LPGA”s website

is at

. Please note that some female golf professionals are members of the PGA,

not the LPGA.

Regional Associations

Contact your local pro shop or golf course

for information on contacting your state or regional association.


2. Commercial Contacts

The companies listed in this section

are here only as a courtesy to the readers. This is simply a list of companies

for whom I have obtained contact information and whom I have heard of,

generally from RSG. In no manner is inclusion in this list intended to

imply an endorsement or recommendation for any company. Conversely, no

company should be excluded from consideration simply because they are not

in this appendix.

Component Suppliers

CSG Components 
Chicago Golf
Golfsmith International 
Ranger Golf
Raven Golf
Original Equipment

Manufacturers (OEM's)

Tommy Armour Golf
Callaway Golf
Cleveland Golf
Cobra Golf
Ben Hogan Golf
MacGregor Golf
Mizuno USA
Ping (Karsten Manufacturing)
Piranha Golf
PRGR Golf 
Ram Golf
Taylor Made Golf 
Titleist Golf
Wedgewood Golf

Shaft Manufacturers

Apache Golf 
Apollo Golf
Royal Precision (Rifle)
True Temper

3. Miscellaneous Contacts

Professional Clubmakers

Society (PCS)

National Golf Foundation
National Association

of Left-handed Golfers

Usenet References
Spam Cop – The Spam


Thor's Golf Links

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rights reserved. Product and company names used in this document

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