Appendix II

Appendix II

1. Modification history

7/99 – Begin complete rewrite.

Convert to Netscape Composer.

7/99 thru 10/99 – Delete obsolete sections,

update club sections to current technology. Add etiquette section. Add

tables. Versions 1-4.

11/99 – Add Back to Top links, Section

links, Appendix I

12/10/99 – Put up on Thor's website.

12/15/99 – First posting to RSG.

12/20/99 – Convert HTML version to text

for posting. Save as faq_5.txt. Posted 1/3/00.

1/15/00 – Begin version 6. Add AGU, NALG,

reference links to Appendix I.

1/20/00 –  Change Section X – Etiquette

to Section II – On-Course Safety & Etiquette. Edit to include various

safety suggestions and considerations. Renumber all sections appropriately.

Saved as faq_6.html/faq_6.txt

1/25/00 – Add Appendix II, Modification

History. Version faq_6a.html/faq_6a.txt

6/30/00 – Add notice to post commercial

messages to to etiquette section. Add practice swing warning

to safety section. Add PRGR and Piranha to OEM contact list. Version faq_7.html,

create faq_7.txt. text version

10/20/01 – Begin updating. Change usenet

description. Modify Newsgroup Etiquette section. Version faq_7.1.html.

3/15/02 – Continue updating. Add new RSG

Roll Call info. Version faq_7.2.html

5/29/02 – Continue updating. Change copyright

date, update acknowledgments, add link to Google, begin fixing broken links.

Version faq_7.3.html.

6/3/02 – Begin format corrections, edit

grammar, etc. Version faq_7.4.html.

6/27/02 – Continue fixing links, correcting

grammar, etc.

6/28/02 – Complete update. Version faq_7.4b.html

This FAQ is Copyright 1999-2002 by Daniel J. Driscoll, all

rights reserved. Product and company names used in this document

may be trademarked or copyrighted by the respective owners. This

document may be replicated in whole or in part, without

alteration. All replications must include this copyright notice.

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